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The Pink Birds


My name is Wil, I live in Louisiana. On August 22, 2001, a friend and I set off on 
a fishing trip that I will never in my life forget. 

I am a Minister of Music by profession, and Wednesdays are considered my ministry 
days. I am to do nothing but prepare myself for Wednesday night praise and Worship,
and Sunday morning worship. But on this particular Wednesday, I let an unsaved 
friend (Dwight) talk me into taking him out on my boat fishing. 

We left my house about 6:00 a.m. headed to the American Bay, which was about a 45 
minute drive to dock. During our drive to the Marina, I was going over all the 
safety rules, and different things that Dwight could help me with when we got to 
the Marina. I really looked at this day as a possible way for me to share Christ 
with Dwight. But if you knew Dwight, you would know that this was not an easy task. 

When we arrived at the Marina, we noticed that only one other boat was going out, 
well we thought, it's a Wednesday, everyone is at work. We launched about 7:15a.m.
headed to the Bay, Dwight wanted to fish with crabs, so he wanted us to find some 
deeper waters. We arrived in the American Bay, but that was not deep enough for him,
so we kept going. We both noticed that the water was starting to get a bit choppy,
so we turned around. At that moment I realized that we did not have a life jacket, 
whistle, cell phone, horn, nothing that would help us in the time of a crisis. I 
told Dwight that we needed to head back to the Marina so we could get our safety 
equipment out of the car. So, we started back, and I noticed that water was coming
into the boat over the transom, but that wasn't a problem because my bilge pump 
would kick on and pump it out. But my no problem was a problem, because my pump 
stopped working. 

Before we knew it, the bottom of the boat was filled with water. At this point we 
were in about 9 feet of water. I stopped the boat, the back of the boat was going 
under, I told Dwight that we would have to jump out of the boat, because I was heavier
than he was, I would go to the front of the boat to try to balance it out while he 
tried to scoop some of it out from the back. Well, none of this worked, and in about 
25 seconds, my boat sank. There we are, with no life jackets, nothing but two coolers 
to float on. My boat is on the bottom of the Bay. Immediately, I realized, this 
situation was not for me, it was for Dwight. This was going to be the day that 
Dwight accepted Christ. I didn't know how, and I didn't know when, but this was
going to be the day. 

So in the midst of all this turmoil, I started telling Dwight about Christ. He told 
me, is that all you can think about at this time, and besides the gas coming from the 
engine is burning me. But the funny thing about it was, the gas was not burning me. 
We were floating right next to each other. He started screaming because the gas 
really was burning him bad. I asked him to accept Christ and God would send us help.
He said, if there were a Christ, we would not be in this mess. He asked me to swim
down and unscrew the gas tank, so that all of the gas would go away and we could get 
that part over with. 

So, I did just that, but it burned him worse, but I did not feel a thing. It's now 
about 9:30 am, and we have been floating about and hour, and the only thing I could 
think of telling Dwight is about Christ. At one point, Dwight made notice to 3 pink 
birds that were circling us, he wanted to know what kind of birds they were, I didn't
know, I had never seen birds of that sort, so I told him that they were my angels, 
The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, 3 birds. I told him that if he would 
accept Christ, he would get three. 

Well he just laughed at me and told me that I was crazy. It's now about 10:30, no 
other boat in sight, and the closest Island looks to be about a mile away. Dwight, 
accept Christ as your personal Savior, and we will be out of here, just accept Him. 
This is all that I could say to Dwight. But he would not listen. He had all types
of ideas, nothing to do with God, but all kinds of ideas. "Hey, lets swim to the 
Island, lets start splashing water, lets grab one of those Dolphins that are swimming
around us" yea Dolphins. Just crazy ideas. Then he would make notice to the 3 birds
again, "what are those birds". And I would tell him again, they're my angels, Father, 
Son, and Holy Spirit. They were sent by God to protect me. If you accept Christ, He 
will send you three. Now it's about 12:00 in the afternoon, we've been floating on 
these coolers for about 4 hours. 

Inside, I'm starting to feel angry with Dwight, because I knew that if he accepted 
Christ, God would get us out of this situation. So now it's about 1:00 p.m., and 
we're not talking to each other, just floating and thinking, waiting for that one 
other boat that came out with us to come back our way. I thought about how Dwight 
loves his father Mr. Sonny so much, and that Mr. Sonny was in the Hospital with Cancer.
I asked Dwight, if he prayed for his father while he were sick, and he said yes. 
Then I said, well Dwight guess what, God does not hear that prayer, because you are 
a sinner, and God does not hear a sinner's prayer. Now, I have really struck a nerve 
with Dwight, we're absolutely not talking to each other now. But about 15 minutes 
later at about 2:00, Dwight said Wil, I'm ready. I said ready for what, to swim, 
splash water, what plan do you have now Dwight. He said Wil, I'm ready to accept 
Christ. We both started to cry, as I lead him through the sinners prayer. Then I 
told him, you are now saved. You're a Christian. But the amazing part of this was,
after Dwight accepted Christ, 6 pink birds started circling us. This shocked even 
me. At this point, Dwight's ideas became my ideas. 

We swam to that island, and luckily, because 10 minutes after we got there, a terrible 
storm hit with massive rains. We were rescued by that boat that went out with us 
earlier, at about 3:30, he brought us to safety. My testimony lead me to believe, 
when you're with Christ, you will always be in the safe waters. 

Accept Him!


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