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Saved From A Doomed Marriage


I was about 17 yrs old when I first met the man who would later become my
husband, his name is William. He was married at the time we first met so
things really didn't start off on the right foot. 

I was a senior in high school and William was 27 years old, way too old for 
me, however I became obsessed with this man. I wanted to be with him more 
and more which caused major problems with my family. We continued anyway, 
as though we were the only two people in the world. He later divorced and 
we began to live together. 

I finished high school and entered a vocational school full time in a business 
course. I began working for the state as a secretary, shortly after that I 
became pregnant. We did not get married right off, it was about 3 or 4 years
after my baby was born. During the course of this in-and-out relationship, I 
decided I would leave for good. I began to date someone else and William 
pursued me even during that brief courtship, apologizing for the mean things
he had said and done. 

I believed him and we got married. He never let go completely of his previous 
wife, we got along badly and ultimately ended up getting a divorce. When I 
finally decided enough was enough, I left but still had deep emotional feelings
for William.

That's when I asked the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to deliver me from this
bondage (which is basically what it was). I instantly lost the desire to be
with William and have not felt that way toward him since. It has been over
10 years now since we divorced and I thank the Lord for not only delivering
me from a bad situation but becoming and continuing to be the Leader of my
life. My heart changed and I have the love of Jesus for everyone.

Anyone who feels they are in a relationship and cannot get over those
emotional ties, give Jesus a try.



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