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Florence's Testimony


I'm a grandmother, went to church most of my life. I was a Christian and no 
one could tell me otherwise. I still had so many weights hanging on.

I always felt about as worthy as a piece of paper trampled in the mud. Oh 
how I prayed. Why I knelt and said many words. Deliver me oh deliver me. 
Time passed and those weights were heavier as if they had absorbed lead and
was weighting me into dullness.

Then one glorious day I fell on my knees and cried from the depth of my soul, 
"Lord I can't unshackle myself; I am not worthy of you or anything." He spoke 
to my heart and said, "Child if you went to the store and bought a second hand
dress just for the beautiful material to make a shirt for one of your boys,
would that make the material any less important because it was something you
didn't want it to be." 

I cried "oh no God," He spoke to my heart again and said, "This is what I did 
for you. I bought you just like you are knowing that I could make something 
better out of you. You must put your trust in me as I love you with an 
everlasting love." I have not been the same since Praise God, but He is 
still working on me.

God bless you,


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