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God Has A Plan


I hope that this helps someone. 

I had always been blessed to be very healthy. Never went to the doctor 
unless I had a sinus infection or for yearly check ups. 

When I was 38 I was diagnosed with kidney failure. Well it wasn't quite 
that simple. I went to my regular doctor and since the only symptom that I 
had was swollen feet and ankles, he thought that I was going through 
menopause early. After a few months, I wasn't getting any better and the 
swelling was getting worse. I went to 6 different doctors in 2 weeks. They 
were all convinced that I had something wrong but couldn't do anything. 
After going to my gynecologist. I was finally diagnosed correctly. My 
kidneys were only working at 15% of what they are supposed to. 

I never lost my faith in Jesus. I knew that if it was His will that I 
would survive. If not, then I was, am still ready to go Home. Since 
then, I have had many trials and troubles, but I never doubted that there is 
a reason for everything. 

I went on dialysis and had a kidney transplant 1 1/2 years later. I am 
doing very well and now my sister-in-law, whom I love dearly, is going 
through kidney failure. 

She asked me to accompany her to her doctor's appointment. I did as I was 
asked. She was very upset with the news, but she told me that she was so 
relieved to have me with her to help her understand what he was talking 
about. Even the doctor asked me to come with her the next time. 

All I ever asked Jesus for was to use me as He saw fit to help someone. 
And if I had not gotten sick, I could not have helped her, not to mention the 
many others that I have talked to about transplants and dialysis. So you 
see, I think that everything happens for a reason. And if you are patient, 
you will learn the reason. 

I will always believe that if you can hold on to Jesus and your sense of 
humor, you can conquer anything. 

Thank you.

Bridgett Catron


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