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I Can't Live Without The Lord


The Lord Jesus Christ has opened my heart since I was old enough to realize life itself. My 
mom and dad raised me in the Church, taught me right from wrong. But it was 16 years later 
I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior at a Billy Graham crusade in Buffalo NY. 

I am now 57 years young and have learned much, I have seen angels three times in my life. 
The Bible say's (not forgetting to entertain strangers) There is much to be said, but my life is 
nothing without Christ.--- John 3:16 is the first verse I was taught. I am a Mechanic, and have
my own business. Many have come to know the Lord through my business. 

I am a fishermen for fish and for man. Every time I go up north fishing, the Lord uses me to 
spread His Word. The Lord Blessed me with a Bus Ministry some years back, to bring 
children to Sunday school. 

I love my mom and dad very much and honored them till the Lord took them home. I expect a 
long and prosperous life. Look forward to going to Heaven to see them again. Are you ready 
to Die to this world and receive Life in Christ? 

Love You All 


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