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God Will Never Leave Our Side


I woke up this particular morning with nothing special on my mind except, 
"What am I going to wear to work". While taking a shower, I felt the shower 
spinning, and all of a sudden a harsh, powerful, pain in my head. I held on 
to the shower knobs and said "Wow" the next thing I remember I was lying on 
a table and I heard doctors and nurses saying, "She needs a neurosurgeon Stat". 
What happened was that I fell out of the shower unconscious and not breathing. 
My daughter was downstairs in the game room and heard the loud noise and came 
running up the stairs to find me lying on the floor naked and not breathing. 
My husband was standing over me in a state of Shock. My daughter yelled for 
someone to call 911 and she proceeded on giving me CPR. The 911 operator was 
giving my daughter instructions and then explained that she will need to 
"cut my throat" and place a straw in the space to enable me to breathe or I 
could possible become "Brain Dead" 

My daughter tells me that she was crying and stated that she could not 
"cut my throat". But, Praise the Lord, she knew the power of prayer and starting 
praying and continued to perform CPR. The Lord heard her prayers, and He was not 
ready for me because I started breathing. Praise the Lord! The ambulance 
arrived and took over with applying O2 and EKG strips. They rushed me to a local 
hospital and performed a CAT scan. My family tells me that I was still 
semi-unconscious when they pulled me out of the house. But, when I heard the 
staff state that I needed a neurosurgeon stat, the Lord enabled me to verbalize a 
name of a renowned neurosurgeon that one of the doctors recognized. 
Praise the Lord! 

They called this neurosurgeon Dr. Fred Simeone, and he accepted me right away and 
gave specific instructions to the doctor as to how to transport me to the 
hospital in which he practices. I live in a small town in New Jersey. This 
specific Neurosurgeon practice in Philadelphia, Pa. Needless to say, Thanks to 
Almighty Lord, I was taken straight to this large hospital and they had me 
in the OR that same morning to repair a ruptured aneurysm in my brain. After 
10-12 hours of surgery, they called my family in a conference room to explain my 
condition. They informed my family that I might not make it through the night. 
My mother, husband, sisters, and daughter shook their heads and said okay. 

My family immediately starting praying and calling on all of the known prayer 
warriors. Two days later I remember waking up and seeing my nephew, Rev. Talton 
standing around my bed praying. He actually circled my bed and I remember saying 
AMEN! My nephew told me later that I had tubes in my mouth and that I could not 
speak. But, I am sure that the Lord heard me. This happened May 1998. Since then 
I have had 4 more Brain surgeries. All to correct brain aneurysm. All of the 
nursing staff and physicians are amazed as to how well I have recovered. I have 
explained to all of them that it is the LORD. 

My Pastor, my mother's Pastor, my girlfriend's Pastor all visited and prayed for me. 
Whenever I was admitted to this hospital, all of the staff would find time to come 
to my room and have prayer with me. The word was out in this hospital that I was a 
Miracle. My last procedure was December 1999, and again I give all Praises to the 
Lord! For I know had it not been for Him, I would not be here today. It has been a 
long recovery, but I forgot to mention that prior to this episode, I was a Registered 
Nurse and I was dedicated to caring for the ill. I realize that many people do not 
live through 5 Brain aneurysms. But nothing is impossible for our God! I have been 
Blessed and I will tell the world about the goodness of our Lord and Savior 
Jesus Christ! Amen!



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