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Paula's Testimony


I have suffered from epileptic seizures all of my life. They have been 
uncontrolled for the most part, especially when I was a teenager. They tried 
all sorts of medications, but to no avail.

I frequented a Christian youth group. On one particular occasion of our meeting, 
we had gone on Retreat to a local college. The retreat would last the whole weekend.

We had a wonderful time and during one of the evening programs, I was asked to 
perform by singing and playing my guitar. I chose the song "Do You Know Where 
You're Going To". A song that deals with the glory of Heaven, and a favorite of 
mine. Just after my testimony in song I sat down and suddenly felt that only 
too familiar onset of a seizure.

I left the room and went up to my room to lay down. A couple of staff came 
along with me to help me through the attack. This would turn out to be a wonderful 
evening, though I did not know it at the time. I proceeded to go into the seizure, 
while the rest of the teens were downstairs still worshipping together. During 
the course of the seizure, my pulse stopped, and the staff could not revive me. 
An ambulance was summoned immediately. The paramedics tried in vain to revive me. 

Meanwhile, a staff member had gone down and told the teens and others that I 
had taken ill, and was not doing too well. He did not state how serious it was, 
but requisitioned their immediate prayers.

I remember being brought down the long staircase, barely conscious... but 
this was not possible since I was technically dead. I recall seeing the light; 
then it faded as I lapsed into unconsciousness once again.

On route to the hospital, my pulse suddenly strengthened, and I began to respond. 
The medical staff were baffled, but elated. They had pretty well given up on my 
coming back.

I KNOW that the reason that I did come back was the direct result of the mass 
prayer that was going on for me at that retreat. Out of the mouths of "babes". . . 
how much purer can prayer be?

I spent a few hours in the hospital for observation, and returned to the retreat, 
feeling very tired, but extremely elated. I felt as if I had been born again, 
once again. The Holy Spirit filled my soul, and one lad came up to me and stated 
the following : "Until last night, I didn't think I believed in the Lord. Now 
that I see you here, I have asked the Lord to come into my heart". . . which 
just goes to show that the Lord uses even the worst of situations sometimes to 
bring lost souls to him. I found out that several others came to the Lord as a 
result of this miracle, and I praise God everyday for everything . . . yes, even 
epileptic seizures. God bless you. 

I hope you have been inspired by my humble story.


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