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He Came To Me In The Night


I feel the sweetness of His faithfulness and gladness fills my heart. 
It's impossible to not share all the works He has done in my life, 
but with my mouth I will make known of His wonderful power. I praise 
His name for His wisdom is like the vastness of the sea. I find 
shelter in the shadow of His wings, He is my King, and His stead fast 
love reaches as high as the sky. 

He is alive in my heart and I give Him all the praise for all that 
He has done for my family and me. He is my glorious Lord, and 
blessed Redeemer. Because of his forgiveness, He alone has cleansed 
me and made me strong for without His love I would not be where I 
am today.

Being a part of The First Church Of The Nazarene has helped me learn 
how to pray to Him, and feel that He is with me at all time. I am so 
thankful for that chance to have a church family I can turn to in 
times that I need. Through their unconditional love members of this 
church have helped me through many trials. 

The kids from this church raised enough money to get me into UTMB for 
my second hip replacement. Without their help it would have been nearly 
impossible for us to raise the money needed, and they raised the money 
I needed in two weeks. I praise Him for the two surgeries, for they 
have both been paid off, and I know it's because of His great power 
He supplied my needs.

I have no fear, and because He lives in my heart, I will be strong. I 
take courage, because He has shown me that He is a forgiving God, and 
He has made a way for me. For when there was no way I could find myself, 
He showed me that through Him all things are possible. 

He came to me in the night, and opened my eyes, and showed me that there 
was a way through His forgiveness to change my life completely. He and 
He alone changed my ways and cleansed my soul. I lift His name up high 
for He has redeemed me, and has given me a new life. 

The night that His Your Holy Spirit filled my heart in the hospital at 
UTMB I could hardly keep still. I shared it with; it seemed everyone 
that came into my hospital room while I was there. My life has not been 
the same since, and either has Bucky's. We are so thankful for His 
forgiveness. Our hearts are light having our burden lifted from us. We 
give Him all the praise. 

He has turned my mornings into joy; He has given me healing in my body, 
and I give Him all the praise. Where there was pain He took it away. At 
the same time He opened my eyes I saw the light, and He lifted my burden. 
He took the sins away that I was hiding and not letting it go. 

I thank my dear Lord, for placing Bucky in my life. I know that He had 
a purpose for us. Bucky's positive out look on life, and his strong faith 
in the Lord is so powerful. I give my Lord all the praise, and glory for 
our home has changed when we truly let Him come. 

On May 30th I was diagnosed with pneumonia, Septic shock, and 
Hyperthyroidism and I had no iron count in my body. I had to stay in the 
hospital for eleven days. The doctors told my family that I was real sick, 
and that I may die. "Dear Lord You were there with me. I could feel your 
arms around me and knew that I wasn't alone. I don't remember most of went 
on in ICU the first seven days, but I could feel Your angels all around 
me." I could feel the power of Bucky's prayers while he prayed over me. 

There were so many people who were praying for me, that I have no doubt 
in my mind God heard every one of them. I feel that He allowed me to 
continue to stay on this earth for a purpose. "Please Lord help me fulfill 
what ever it is that you want me to do." 

"Dear Lord thank You. With all my heart for giving me the time to find my 
way to Your forgiving heart. All I had to do was ask You into my life. It 
was changed in that very moment. I know without a doubt the turn of events 
would not have happened the way it did if my life had not changed. 

The Bible says (Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you). 
That means me too. I use to think that prayer was only for special needs, 
and surely He could never hear my prayers. I needed someone else to pray 
for me that was more worthy. Now, I have to put on the armor of God for 
the continual practice of prayer. The powers of darkness cannot touch me, 
because of my prayer life and trust that I now have in God. If by chance 
there are obstacles that come my way He is there with me, and I will not 
face them alone. 

As I learn more about Jesus my prayers become quite conversations with 
Him. He is my best friend. Natural ability and educational advantages do 
not figure as factors in this matter of prayer. A capacity for faith, the 
power of a thorough conversation, the ability of self-littleness, an 
absolute losing of one's self in God's glory. This ever-present yearning 
and seeking after all the fullness of God are all I need. 

Thank you dear Lord, in Jesus name I pray……

Your loving and faithful servant, 


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