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Praise God



Praise God, there have been many accomplishments in my life because of 
the Lord Jesus Christ. I'll begin by telling all that has went wrong 
and how these accomplishes came about. 

I was a senior in high school when I became pregnant. So, I got married 
at the age of eighteen. My husband told me he didn't want me going back 
to high school, so I dropped out. I was married to this man for seven 
years. He was very abusive, physically and mentally. He was also an 
alcoholic. After seven years, I couldn't take the abuse anymore, so I 
divorced him and my son and I moved into town. 

I then turned to alcohol as my best friend. I lost several good jobs 
and lived in several different places. I used all the money for alcohol 
and couldn't pay the bills or rent. I ended up in jail four times one 
for DUI and the other three was for driving without a license. I still 
didn't learn anything by going to jail. The judge even sent me to AA 
meetings and counseling, but I did not want to stop. I guess I can say, 
inside I did, but I didn't want to lose everything. (Friends, Fun, and 
whatever else). 

When my son turned seventeen, he decided he wanted to go to work with 
his father. I was really glad, cause that left more money for me to 
drink on. I found this little hole in the wall, motel room and it didn't 
cost me much to rent it. I was just glad I didn't have to worry about 
him anymore.

Eleven years went by like this and then I ended up pregnant with a one 
night stand. I couldn't believe this was happening, I had been on the 
pill for seventeen years. I knew one thing, I couldn't take care of 
myself let alone a baby. I then made arrangements for an abortion. But 
then something happened, I had people coming from everywhere telling me 
that I shouldn't get the abortion. Some of these people I had never 
seen before, they were people from my sister's church. They continued 
to say that they would be praying for me and that I make the 
right decision. 

Well, I didn't want any part of this GOD stuff. I felt that there was 
no GOD and if there was, then why did he do this to me? Then, one Sunday 
morning, I decided to go to church. In April of 1996, I asked into my 
life. In August of 1996, I gave birth to another baby boy. His name is 
Macaleb, we call him Mac for short. But I call him my little angel sent 
by GOD. This little boy and GOD has changed my whole life. I have come 
a long way.

I will have been sober for five years in March of 2001. In February of 
1999, I finally got my drivers license back after losing them for ten 
years. Also in February, I received my G.E.D. I am working on getting 
my financial situations straightened out and BEST of all, I am in my 
fifth quarter at Central Ohio Technical College. I owe all my life to 
the GOOD LORD above. I am now forty years old. And enjoy the 
Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You Jesus!!!

Ronda Stephens 



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