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When Our Boat Sank


In February of 1998, we decided to go out in our boat with two friends. 
I had just had a baby, he was 6 weeks old and my friend was 2 months 
pregnant with her baby. We went out to Lake Houston......everything 
seemed ok. When we launched the boat, the water didn't look very 
choppy, but it became that way soon enough.

There were four of us in the boat, me, my husband, our friend and her
husband. We got half way out in the lake and decided to stop and fish. 
Well, as soon as we stopped, my husband asked my friend to get him 
something from under the front seat, and she stood up...and I started 
getting wet! The water was coming in over the sides of the boat! I 
stood up and was in a state of 'Oh Lord! What do we do!' Then we all 
saw that the boat was sinking! I can swim, but not that great! And 
there were no other boats anywhere! We started to scream 'Help' and 
still saw no one! I remember screaming 'Oh God, Help Us!' and then, 
out of no where....a boat started coming towards us! It seemed like 
forever for him to get to us! The water had gotten really choppy! He 
pulled up and me and my friend got in his boat...but, my husband decided 
he could start the boat and take it back to shore! I told him No, just 
get in this man's boat...but he felt confident that he could get the
boat to the shore. We pulled away and were watching them...and the boat
started and then stalled...so, what happened!? The boat went down! I 
saw my friends husband jump in the water, then my husband jumped in the 
water! I was screaming to go back for them, we were already a little bit 
away from them. I was hysterical! 

The man got us somewhat close to the guys. They were swimming and going 
under...the lake has some bad currents in it and the waves were a foot 
and a half. We pulled them into the boat, and the man, who has been very 
quite, said he would go back by the boat and try to get some of our things 
that were floating. We did get a few things, but the rest went to the 
bottom. That was ok with me, because...I was so happy we were ok. On the
way back into shore, everyone was laughing and talking about the boat
sinking. Except me. I was sitting on the seat and crying and silently
thanking God for getting us out alive! The man turned and looked at me 
and said "God will never leave you. He is always by your side". My 
friend asked him his name...he said it was John. He said he had been 
fishing and was heading back in because the water was too rough. It 
took us a long time to get back into the bank! He told us we really 
needed to go to the police station and report the boat sinking.

We went there and the policeman thought we were drunk and playing a joke on
him. Then he looked at me....remember I was hysterical...and then said OK,
lets have a look. The guys had to go back into the lake, in a smaller boat!
Us girls were terrified that they would be going back out there! They tried
to tow the boat, but it wouldn't budge.

While they were doing that, my friend and I were in my truck beside the road
that goes out of the park. We were talking and thought it would be really
great to find the man that had helped us and thank him again. He drove by a
few minutes later, and we wrote down his license plate number.

When we finally got home we got a phone call to go to the lake police dept.
We got back in our truck and went down there to file a report. They asked a
lot of questions and made sure our stories matched....maybe they thought we
had been drinking too, I don't know. They asked for the name of the person
who rescued us...we told him we didn't know, but we had gotten his plate
number. He went to his computer and ran it...and guess what happened! The
plate number was not registered, at all, to anyone! Another thing he said
was that they had never talked to anyone who had a boat sink. They usually
have to fish them out of the lake!

I believe that the rescuer was an angel sent by God, to help us! I don't
know what I am supposed to do...but, I do know that every time I get
discouraged....I remember what the man in the boat said...God will never leave
you. He is always by your side!

Thanks for letting me share,

Kim Griffith


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