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He Will Work It Out


I just want to tell how good God has been to us. My husband was in need of a new car. His car was 
on it's last leg. The wipers were useless, the brakes were failing, and it was becoming more unsafe 
day by day. 

Anyway, we decided that we wanted to pay off the loan we had and the credit card bills. We had 
paid the loan off almost a year sooner than proposed (a blessing all by itself). We had an investment
that we planned on using for the car purchase to decrease the cost. So, the car he had was getting 
worse each day and he was driving our children to school. We would pray for guidance on getting 
the car, because we didn't want to go to the dealers looking desperate for whatever we could afford. 

On the day after we got our money from the investment, my husband said it was time. This was on a 
Friday, and we planned on going out on Saturday. I worked later than expected on Saturday; 
consequently, we got to the dealer late. My husband saw the car he wanted and claimed that it was 
going to be his. On Monday after work, we both went to a dealer and test drove the car. We then 
talked to the financial manager about the purchasing of the vehicle. 

Listen to how God worked it out! We already had a significant down payment, but the manager stated
that a new program started that day that allowed for an extra $500 more off the cost due to us already
owning a van that was a Chrysler. The financing percentage he quoted was 9.5%, so we wanted to go
through our credit union. We were about to leave because they didn't have connections with my 
husband's credit union but, they did have connections with mine! So we were able to pay off a loan a 
few days before getting exceptional discounts on a 2001 Sebring (not to mention the discount for 
employee's family members). 

Just think, if I had gotten off of work as planned on that Saturday, we may have missed the extra blessings
of the extra discount that started on that Monday. This may be boring, but I know it had to be my Lord
working all of that out for us to get all of those extra bonuses. I thank God for it all! He gets all the Glory!
I'm just glad that He worked it out because now my husband has his first brand new car. My husband of 
10 years has always let me have the brand new cars, since I would be transporting the kids to and from 
nursery school. God is Good! 

May the God of tender mercies keep you and bless you always. Just seek Him FIRST and 
He will work it out! 

S. Hopkins


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