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Brain Tumor



My name is Kenda and I am 11 years old now. At the age of 3, I was 
diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. I woke up on a Sat. morning walked 
to the kitchen and ask my Nannie if I could go to my friends house, 
but she told me no because it was to early. 

She ask me if I would like some Apple Juice and I told her yes. 
She looked down at me and handed me the juice and I walked away but 
Nannie noticed I was staggering and ran into the Deep Freeze and she 
ran to me and started yelling there is something wrong with Kenda. 

She picked me up and ran out the door and my Granny Great followed us.
They took me to the ER at Sparks Hosp. in Ft. Smith, Arkansas and they 
thought I had Bells Palsy because my mouth was twisted. They sent me 
home and I also carried my left arm up against me. I didn't get any 
better, so my nannie called Dr. Nasari my Dr. and he told her to bring 
me in.

So to make a long story short they ran a cats scan, a MRI and it showed 
I had a Brain TUMOR so they scheduled me to go to LaBonor Children's 
Hospital in Memphis Tenn. In the mean time my nannie called Bro. Ken 
our Pastor and the Prayers started for me. I was in LaBonor for 2 weeks.

They ran a series of tests on me, they done a Biopsy and there was a team 
of 6 Doctors that told my family that the tumor was in no mans land and 
could not be reached, so they scheduled me to go to St. Judes Hospital in 
Memphis the next Monday but my Nannie called back home and told them the 
report and the prayer chains started, but really they had never stopped.

They ran more tests and was still very puzzled they sent the test over 
to St. Judes. The Monday morning I was scheduled to go to St. Judes we 
had everything packed to leave and the phone rang and they told us that 
I didn't have to go to St. Judes because the test turned out o.k.

I remember every one crying and jumping up and down and saying it's a 
miracle from Gods work of healing. This was in August that this happened, 
and in December. 

My Nannie was reading to me a Bible Story about Angels and I told her, 
I had seen Angels when I was at LaBonor and she ask me what were they 
doing I told her they were shining a light on my head and not all of 
them had wings and that I had also seen Jesus and he had a beard like 
my papas and it was a bright light all around me.

My family do believe in miracles and I have a testimony that will live 
in me the rest of my life. 

So prayers are answered and Miracles do happen. I am living proof.

My email is my Nannies if you want to comment: brenda351@hotmail.com

God Bless You



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