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Family Testimony


I have one brother and one sister. We are all now married. I am the only one without 
any children yet. 

My husband and I got married a little over two years ago. We had a rough start but with
the Lord's help, we have made it through. My husband was driving to work on a cold, 
slippery December morning. The car started slipping on a patch of ice as he was trying 
to turn into his place of employment. My husband got his car under control and was 
trying for another driveway when an oil truck struck him from behind. My husband and 
the truck driver were both fine, or so we thought. My husband started having problems
with his neck about a week after. We went to the doctors and they gave him pills for the
swelling and the pain. We found out the next week and a few more x-rays later, that he 
had fractured his neck during the accident. The Lord was watching out for my husband 
at the time. The police officer told him that if he had been hit anywhere else, he might 
not be here today. 

The second part of this testimony should actually come from my mom. My brother lives 
in Traverse City. Mom usually will not call him before 9 am...especially on a Sunday. We
had gotten some snow that night and she just had the urge to call him and see how much 
they had gotten. It took a while for someone to answer the phone. It was just a little 
before 8 am. My brother finally answered the phone. He got up after the call and noticed
the dog was acting funny. His daughter started crying at that time. He went to check on 
her and noticed that she was wet. He tried to change her but she could not stand up and 
was not talking right. He knew something was wrong and yelled for everyone else to get 
up. They all were taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. 

We now know who had mom call them at that time. 


Margaret Burgess


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