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I'm An Overcomer


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ: 

Everyone with the diagnosis of breast cancer is not here today; God spared me for a reason...that 
reason being to tell others about His grace, mercy, and loving kindness. 

My story: I was recently divorced with two kids, a dog, more bills than money, in transition between
jobs, a house up for sale to stop foreclosure, living far away from my family and newly diagnosed 
with cancer. 

What a test of the human spirit and faith in God! (I have a widowed mother who raised us on faith and
belief and planted seeds of faith in each of her children). I remembered what God did for Job; my 
prayer was "If You did it for Job, Lord, I know you can do it for me. You're the same yesterday, 
today and forever more." 

God heard me and I'm here to tell you that when you go through the valley experiences, God will send
everyone you need to help you through. I walked in faith and trusted God for His deliverance. I 
partnered with Physicians who were positive and nurturing; my family rallied around me and I had the
prayers of the Saints. 

As I received radiation therapy, I sang "Jesus, You're the Center of My Joy...All that's good and perfect
comes from You." Each time I smiled, I saw a cancer cell die...I believed; I received. 

I completed my college degree and also completed graduate school since that time (God is preparing me) 
My children are married; I bought a home; my bills are paid. I volunteer as a peer counselor for Y-Me, 
National Breast Cancer foundation---receiving telephone calls from newly diagnosed women across America. 

I tell them what a mighty God I serve and tell of His goodness to me. I offer prayer before we end our call. 
I am growing in this ministry of encouragement and God is using me as an instrument of praise. 

We never have a testimony, until we've had a test! 

May God give you peace! 

Lois Yerger


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