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Lost My Daughter


I lost my 22 year old daughter very suddenly and without any warning. I only 
know that I also almost lost my mind, husband, and 85% of my friends stopped 
calling. Some of them were what I considered very dear and close friends. 

It has taken me a long time, it's been 6 years now since she went to Heaven. 
It is not easy but easier because if I was the same as I was when it first 
happened I would not be here writing to all of you that have gone through 
such pain and have lost someone you miss and love so much. I only know that 
I will be with her again when it is my time. 

God gave me a vision of her one night, not a dream but it was an answer to 
prayers because I wanted to see her again. She had long beautiful brown hair 
and worked in intensive care at a hospital in Dallas, Texas where we live 
still. She was sitting at Jesus' feet and her hair was blowing gently and 
she had on the most beautiful white dress. She was smiling so big and said 
to me "Mom don't be so sad, I am so happy and it won't be long until Jesus 
is coming again and we will be together again." 

That may sound weird to some but, I can only tell you I know it is true and 
that is why I will and can survive. My prayers and love to each of you. God 
will carry you through this pain and horrible times. It won't be easy and I 
am hit by a rush of pain out of the clear blue at times. I feel like I'm 
on a roller coaster ride with my emotions and pain.

All I know is one day I will look back on this and say it was worth the 
trip and thank God I hung in there!!! 

Love to all,
Tonya Marie's Mom


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