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Carrie's Testimony


I am now 17 and thankful that the lord loved me enough to die on a 
cross for my sins! 

I was lost in worldly sin for a long time, but the Lord led me to a 
wonderful church where I found the true spirit of the Lord. When I 
turned 14, I thought I knew it all and that I could do whatever I wanted 
to. I would sneak out of my house so I could be with my boyfriends or 
friends. I committed so many un-holy sins and I had no conscience about 
sinning. I drank, lied, & had sex like it was a normal thing to do. 
Then my best friend Robin starting telling me about our Lord and Savior 
Jesus Christ. I knew there was a God, but why would He love someone like 
me? I gave many excuses to not attend church or read my bible. Then I 
realized the way I was living was wrong and that I needed help! 

Help that no one but the Lord could give me. Robin, helped me give my life 
to the Lord right there on the phone. It was good for awhile and then I 
started backsliding and falling into the devils traps. 

One Sunday morning after an all night party with friends, I was on my way 
to a nearby town with my friend Kendra, my Mom, & my little brother. It was 
raining and I was driving pretty fast. We started to go around a very sharp 
and large turn, when I felt my truck start to slide. I had no time to do 
anything not even call out to the Lord whom I was betraying! We did a full spin 
and started going off a HUGE embankment filled with boulders. I had my foot 
pressed on the brake trying to stop us, but it was not working. Then as 
suddenly as the wreck occurred it was over and a single string of barb-wire 
was stretched across my windshield holding us in place. The only person in 
the truck who had a seatbelt on was my friend Kendra. 

When the police arrived they could not understand how we had made it down the 
embankment with out flipping. They said the way we had went off the 
embankment we should have flipped all the way down and if we had started 
flipping we would not have stopped. 

I know the Lord my God saved us that day. He had His hand holding my truck 
and that is why we did not flip. We would have all been dead today if He had 
not loved us enough (even when we were in sin) to save us! That is just 
one of the miracles the Lord has done in my life. I want everyone to know that 
no matter what you have done in your past, if you ask for forgiveness, the Lord 
will forgive you and bless you with His love. 

If you are struggling in you life please, turn it over to the Lord. I promise 
you that He will hear and answer your prayers. There is no love greater than His.

I am now in a wonderful church that is truly blessed by the Holy Spirit. I 
still struggle with temptations of sin, but the Lord is always with me each step 
of the way. The Lord is coming back for us and we need to be ready. I was 
lucky that the Lord gave me another chance! So I plead with you right now, if 
you don't know the Lord or you are struggling with your walk with the Lord to ask 
for His help. He will always be there for you. 

When you feel that no one else cares and that you are all alone remember the Lord; 
He is always listening!

I hope my testimony has helped you in some way. If anyone needs help in finding 
the Lord or just someone to talk to about the Lord please, feel free to e-mail 
me dodgegirl17@intellex.com. The main thing I want to point out is that no matter 
how bad our lives have been and how much we have sinned, the Lord still loves us 
and wants us to be His children. If we repent unto Him, He will hear and forgive 
us of our sins! He loved each and everyone of you enough to suffer on a cross 
and for that we should Praise Him forever more! 

Thank you for taking the time to read to my testimony.

God Bless You,


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