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Angels In The Room


This is actually my mother-in-law's testimony. A few years ago my mother-in-law
and her youngest son, my brother-in-law, were in an automobile accident that nearly
took their lives. They were hit head-on with a car that was running approx. 74 mph.
In fact, I believe if the angels had not come on the scene they would be dead today. 

The doctors gave us little hope for my mother-in-law's survival. After hip surgery, 
broken nose, steel rod placement in her shoulder, both arms broken, and extensive
damage to her stomach and spleen she survived only to lay lifeless for three weeks 
in the hospital. 

I stayed every day with her and some of the daughters stayed at night. One day while
I was with her she kept saying that a very tall man wearing white was behind me. She 
also said the light was so bright that she couldn't see. I thought it was her meds. By the
end of the third week, she was constantly throwing up blood. She had 2 transfusions, 
but kept getting worse. One night a man came in her room wearing a white suit. He 
said he was a doctor and that he had some medicine that would get her well. It worked. 

Minutes later she quit throwing up blood and her condition improved remarkably. My 
sister-in-law went to the nurses desk to say thank you but the nurses said no doctor 
named Dr. King or a man with her description worked there. There was no information
on her chart about the recent doctor's visit. 

Truly, God had sent an angel to cure my mother-in-law.


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