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My name is Jonny and I'm 39 years old and I want to tell you what Jesus 
did for me. I was what is called a garbage mouth addict - someone who would 
use anything to get high. I used drugs since I was 12. I got high with my 
husband and with my children. I had been in and out of psychiatric wards 
since I was 16 and had attempted suicide several times. In 1995, I finally 
realized I was addicted. I wasn't using drugs, they were using me. I tried 
unsuccessfully for 2 & 1/2 years to quit. I tried rehab and I tried church 
but I couldn't stay clean. I blamed my husband for my failures and I was 
unfaithful to him. I had become everything that I despised. 

One day I told my husband that I was leaving and confessed my infidelity 
to him, fully expecting him to kill me for my betrayal because he had always 
said he would. He had never been unfaithful to me and he was hurt but he 
didn't hurt me and he asked me to stay. He told me that he could see where I 
was heading and he meant hell. I knew it, too, because I could feel it in my 

Two days later, he had prayed through and given his heart and life to 
Jesus and Jesus had given him peace about our situation. I was going to hang 
myself that morning but my sister talked me into calling my husband. I did 
and he asked me to come home. When I got home, he prayed with me and I was so 
ashamed that I couldn't even form words but I SURRENDERED myself to Jesus on 
that day and he DELIVERED me from my addiction and the life I was living. My 
husband's forgiveness was only through the grace of God and it reflected to 
me the forgiveness we are given through the precious blood of Jesus. 

Both of us have been clean since March 1997 and I thank God for His 
mercy and grace. Not only did He deliver us from our addictions but He 
restored our marriage. We will celebrate our 19th anniversary in March! 

If you are praying for someone's salvation, please don't get discouraged 
when you don't see results. Our teenage son prayed for us for 5 years and my 
mother-in-law prayed for more than three times that long. Your prayers will 
not go unanswered. God hears. I know because He delivered us and those 
prayers carried us to that point. 

God bless you and keep you! 



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